Under The House by Leslie Hall Pinder

Reviews for Under The House
by Leslie Hall Pinder

Pinder knows how to lead us into her mystery, give us time to make our own conclusions (often surprisingly miscalculated - and that takes skill!) and then finish the story off with enough of a puzzle that she guarantees her reader is addicted and wanting more. Few writers can dissect a dysfunctional family as adroitly as Leslie Hall Pinder.
Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer
This is a new Canadian writer to watch.
Alison Mansbridge, TIME OUT
Leslie Hall Pinder is the latest in a string of novice novelists from B.C. to make international waves.
BC Bookworld
In this first novel, courtroom lawyer Pinder proves herself a true pro. She states her case at the beginning and events follow from initial premise. Through style and tone, she prepares us to accept the unusual, the shocking, the outrageous.
Calgary Herald
...There is sensuality here, but as in the rest of this novel, everything exists on more than one level, and nothing is quite what it seems. “Under the House” is a striking and engaging debut.
Chicago Tribune
...this author knows how to sustain suspense
Country Life (London)
...crisply poetic, powerful fiction...Pinder clearly registers as a writer with a future.
...impressive moments of subtlety.
Library Journal
The story begins with the Rathbone family’s gathering to hear S.D. read his will and has its climax—and best writing—at the trial years later when the family’s shameful silences give way to revelations of money, power, and paternity...impressive moments of subtlety.
Library Journal
A haunting first novel by a writer of great talent and sensitivity. It treats a difficult theme with humanity and admirable complexity.
Margaret Atwood
Intense and compassionate, Pinder's story skirts sensationalism by focusing on character. It is a powerful tale.
Publishers Weekly
...a very original first novel, a vivid, gothic tale of deception and damnation. Leslie Hall Pinder’s prose is suspenseful and held taut by striking images.
The Independent
...in the slow unfolding of her absorbing tale, Ms. Pinder has the reader eating out of her hand. A major talent.
The Metropolitan Magazine (London)
[Pinder's] writing takes chances that are poetically vivid…this is a brave work.
The New York Times
Pinder's prose is stark and subtle—with barely a description of people or places she creates a chilling and claustrophobic picture of the sinister side of family life.
The Sunday Times (London)
...tense with a body-in-the-cupboard kind of chill, and it manages to convey a sense of the Canadian mid-west without being provincial or sentimental. Pinder is a lavish and intriguing writer.
Times Literary Supplement
Pinder is one to watch...she has both an elegant, fluid style that resonates with quiet emotion and a genuine appreciation for the eerie. This first novel has achieved international acclaim and recognition.
Vancouver Sun

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